Commands & Hints
Game hints
All gold is automaticly deposited to your bankaccount when using a wealth ring.
Health and mana regenerates faster in protection zones.
Unlock special wells and goblets to receive special buffs and get efficient health/mana refills.
Travel faster back to the temple or your own home with telerunes, use the portal rune for party members.
You can teleport to active eventzones via the event-beacon, located in the main temple.
Most NPC's respond interactively to keywords such as
"Quest", "mission", "task", "event" and "help".
Available commands
Command Description
!questpoints Tells you how much questpoints the current character has gained
!balance Tells you how much gold your bankaccount holds
!onlinetime Tells you how long you have played the current character
!online Tells you which players are online
!staff Tells you which staff members are online
!lottery Tells you how much the current lottery jackpot holds